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Thanks for checking out Hope Lutheran Church where ministry is about being authentic and relevant while keeping our focus on serving God’s creation.

We welcome everyone. That means–every- single-person! We’re not looking to change anyone but rather offer a safe space to take off our masks and get real with one another and God. We are here to have soul conversations about things that really matter daily and where God exists in it all.

We’re experiencing God right here and calling others to do the same.

Upcoming Service This Week


Mary’s Advent of Hope
The Advent Procession brings in this season of Hope. An offering of music, greens, a festive time that will include the coming of my baby Jesus. The last figure in the procession is Susanne, my best friend, who is doing all the heavy lifiting these days. She is carrying the lamb of God, reminding us of the real point of the season.
A point to ponder: The news of the last few days includes the possibility of yet another virus variant. Yet there are also hopeful things like vaccines, a recovering economy, more attention than ever to climate issues. Where are you finding hope in the season.
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Bible Study Opportunity

Beginning December 2, 2021 (7:00 p.m. on Zoom), Vicar Eric will lead a four-week Bible Study based on Barbara J. Essex’s Bad Boys of the Bible: Exploring Men of Questionable Virtue. This is a follow-up study to the “Bad Girls of the Bible” study that Vicar Eric led a few months ago. Everyone is welcome to attend. By November 28, a reading and study guide will be provided to you.

We are having the following events weekly during the outbreak:

  • Midweek Worship with communion Wednesdays at 10:00a.m in the fellowship hall (mask required)

  • Online Bible Study on Thursdays at 7:00pm via Zoom December 2nd until the 23rd

 Please see Our Calendar for more details

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Sunday Education Hour @ 9:00 AM

Sunday Worship @ 10:30 AM